April 1, 2023

Roof Painting and why you Should Leave it to a Professional

Brisbane Roof painting

If you are looking to DIY a roof painting job we urge you to read the rest of this blog so that you are adequately informed. This blog will provide basic information on the hazards and benefits of having a roof painting job done through a professional.

DIY roof painting

The roof of a house is like hair, it looks great when painted properly. Some people take it upon themselves to restore their roof. They do this without the experience and qualifications of a seasoned painter. We can’t recommend DIY roof painting due to its potential hazards and lack of expertise. Roof painting is a skilled issue that calls for equally skilled painters to complete the job with a minimal risk of injury.

Risk of falling

The most obvious risk that is faced when painting a roof is falling. Falling can occur due to many reasons, a misstep, lack of friction and loose tiles. The injuries that can be sustained from falling off a roof can vary from structure to structure. Falling from a single storey can cause you to sustain broken bones, brain damage and in the worst case, death. With each story over, the first greatly increases the chance of dying.

Chemical exposure

Roof painting is unlike most interior painting jobs is done with spray paints. Without the proper equipment and training you will greatly increase the chance of chemicals exposure. Spray paints are fine and are easy to absorb into the skin, allowing for VOCs to enter your body through spray mist. (epa.gov)

Equipment mishaps

With inexperience comes the risk of incorrectly using equipment. Equipment mishaps can result in devastating and painful injuries worse than a fall. Such injuries can range form burns, to severe cuts and chemical inhalation.

Professional know-how

Professional painters are certified having received recognition attesting that they are qualified. Qualification does not guarantee that they can’t get injured, however, minimizes the odds. Furthermore, a trained painter will also provide a finish that you can be happy with. If you don’t like the end result, most painters have the obligation to resolve any genuine problems.

Understanding of paints

Professional painter comes with the experience and know-how of various roof materials. Certain paints do not adhere to some roof materials resulting in a finish that doesn’t last long and just doesn’t look that good. So that’s why we recommend experienced painters to take the problem of finding the right paint off your shoulders.

Proper roof preparation

Though painting a roof may seem as simple as spraying a few coats of paint, there is much more prior preparation. Proper preparation may take hours of your time depending on the size of your roof. In order for paint to stick to a roof, you would first have to clean the surface with a pressure washer. For metal roofs, there is a high chance that rust is present. In the case of rust, you will need to use a metal wire brush to scrape any rust and apply anti-treatment to avoid the problem from worsening.

The cost of DIY roof painting

The cost of roof painting comes from three main factors, paint supplies, cost of labour and the cost of a quality finish. To paint a 100 sqm paint you are looking at a cost of $500 for both a primer/sealant and two coats of paint. (Paint Calculator)
On top of the cost of supplies, cleaning and painting a roof will usually take between 2-3 days. For those working full time, 3 days can mean 24 hours of pay that has been lost. For those making $40/hr that would equate to around $1000 dollars lost by doing it yourself.
Finally, the final factor, quality. The quality of a DIY paint jobs are not guaranteed. This means if you aren’t happy with the finish there isn’t much you can do about it. So if you have spent $1500 and aren’t satisfied you will most likely have to dish out more money to fix the problem.
Hiring a professional painter will give you both peace of mind and a great looking roof. The standard price ranges from anywhere between $2000-$3500 for a small roof around 100sqm.

Long-lasting finishes

A good coat of paint will last much longer than one that lacks any preparation. This means that you can expect your roof to have a 10-15 years lifespan when done by a professional. If you plan to live in the same home for a long time, this will be saving you money as well as contributing to more sustainable painting practices.

Satisfaction guarantees

When you contract a painter to restore your roof, you can rest assured. You can do this knowing insurance will cover damages caused by a licensed painter. This means you won’t have to pay anything extra if you aren’t happy with what a painter has done.


From the risk of serious injury to the costs and benefits, there is plenty of incentive to choose a professional painter. This is because we believe roof painting to be a skilled issue that requires equally skilled painters.

So if you need the help of a professional painter to paint a roof, give us a call on 0477000715 or email us at hello@ucrampainting.com.au.

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