March 1, 2023

Choosing the perfect paint for your home interior

Choosing the perfect paint

Choosing the perfect paint

Painting your home is always an investment of time and money, so making sure every aspect is properly completed is vital. A key aspect that lays the foundation for a perfect finish is the paint that is used. Paint comes in a wide variety, meaning there are various paints for different purposes. Thats why we are making this guide to ensure you find the right paint for the right surface.

5 Paints you need to know about

Knowing the right paint for your surfaces reduces the risk of paints peeling or wearing out too quickly.

There are 5 commonly used paints in the painting industry which are:

  1. Latex paints – Despite the misleading name latex paints are water-based and extremely popular. Latex paints are easy to apply and dry quickly, often within an hour of application.
  2. Oil-based paints – Made with petroleum based solvents, this paint is extremely durable. Furthermore, this paint also has many applications, both in interior and exterior painting.
  3. Enamel – This paint is very popular for its durability and functionality. Its main application being in painting exterior surfaces. This is due to its ability to withstand temperature changes. Enamel paint is also easy to
  4. Emulsion – Emulsion paint is a water based paint that includes 4 main ingredients. These ingredients are, colour pigment, emulsifier, coagulant and water. This paint is durable, low fuss, and affordable.
  5. Chalk paints – Chalk is like other water based paints. However it sets itself apart with its signature matt finish.


Choosing the right paint out of these 5 commonly used paints will help you in the long term improving these three key areas.
  1. Better looking finishes
  2. Longer lasting finishes
  3. Better functionality
A good coat of paint will not only fulfil the purpose of the paint. It will also create a clean and great looking finish. Furhther more it will last longer and be much more durable. The right coat of paint will reduce the risk of water damage, sun damage and general wear and tear.
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Colours & finishes

Just like every product and service, the quality you receive is the level of satisfaction you are likely to have with the end result. As such, ensuring you have at least a paint of moderate quality is a necessity.
A high quality paint will have 3 key features that ultimately provide a better finish.
  1. High quality paints are much more effective than cheaper paints. This is because they have much bond much better with surfaces. This will result in less peeling of paints as well as a reduced tendency for paints to crack under stress.
  2. Low quality paints are often avoided not just for the poor result in finish, they also are quite bad for your health. When applied, low quality paints have the tendency to release gases known as VOCs. These gases are also known as volatile organic compounds and frequently appear in our daily lives. Some common Vocs include benzene, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, tetrachloroethylene, toluene, xylene, and 1,3-butadiene (Minnesota Department of Health, 2023). These organic compounds are dangerous both in the short term and long term. Thus you should make the effort to try and avoid paints that consist of these ingredients.
  3. Finally, one of the biggest reasons people paint their homes, because it just looks good. That is exactly what high quality paints succeed in. They provide higher colour vibrancy, better texturization and longer lasting colours.
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It is important to understand that the right paint is truly dependent on the surface. It also requires a painter with enough experience to make finishes look great. An incompetent painter will struggle to make use of even the highest quality paints and make the paint feel like a waste of money.
That’s why we recommend the simple choice of picking professional painters like us to help you decide the best quality paints. We can help you decide on colours, gloss level, paint quality and also provide a professional application of the paint

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