November 11, 2022

How to pick the perfect colour for interior painting

How to pick the right colour for interior painting?

Choosing the right colour for interior painting can be a daunting task. There are so many variables to consider, from the size of the room to the amount of natural light it receives. But with a little planning and forethought, you can find the perfect shade to set the mood in any space. 

Why Colours Matter

Colour is a powerful tool that can make or break any room or house in its entirety. Colours influence the brain all the time through subliminal messaging. We subconsciously register meanings like green being the colour of wealth and life. Other important pieces of knowledge to have is about picking a good colour scheme and how you can test it. Knowing these 3 key aspects of making colours work in your house is the first step to bring life to your house.

The Psychology of Colour

The perception of colour is different throughout the world and its many cultures. For some, red may be a colour signifying blood, romance and passion. But, for others red may come as a sign of violence, anger and frustration. These ingrained meanings are the result of constant contextual exposure. Meaning over time, the exposure of colours under intentional contexts affects us. This is due to our minds beginning to associate certain colours to the given context.


Clashing colours is a sure fire way to ruin any paint job. Colour has both its own psychology, as well as it’s own theory on synergy. Colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel cause what’s known as a clash. Clashing colours are the result of 2 powerful stand out colours. When two polar opposite colours go together in interior design, they cause chaos.
Instead you should opt for combining complementary colours. An example could be orange and yellow for a bright cheery room or blue and purple for a chilly and relaxing room. Knowing which colours work together, we can begin to look the idea of colour palates.

Choosing a Colour Pallet

Colour schemes are the perfect way to go wild even with subtle colours like tones of brown. Exploring unique colours in certain combinations can bring out infinite possibilities in a room. For your bathrooms, soft light greens and browns for a zen outdoor feeling. Another colour palette could be exploring with reds, oranges and whites to create a retro vibe anywhere in your house. There are countless colour pallets which you can explore. You could start by asking for your painter for their opinion. Furthermore, you could also check out websites like Coolors to pick one for you.

How to Test Paint

Testing colours is one of the best ways to find exactly what is the right colour for your room. Painting on a sample colour will be sure to give you a sure idea of an end product. This is because you can see how the paint would look against your pre-existing paint colours. Tools like colour picking fans can give you an idea on what colour as well as what finish to go for.

Deciding on the Colour

Colours are constant, that’s why finding the right colour for your home so important. So learn which colours express the meaning you want guests and inhabitants to feel. Using through powerful colour combinations can deepen the meaning of these colours. and knowing how to test these colours before committing. With this new understanding of colour, any interior room can can be a stylish powerhouse.

Can we Help you Pick a Colour?

We at UCRAM have made it both our passion and our mission to make painting an experience to look forward to, guaranteeing quality finishes every time. IF you want to transform the identity of your interior rooms with the help of a professional, make sure to give us a call on 0477000715 or email us at

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